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Ken, Sorry to hear about the fire. I've been a firefighter for 12 years, I've seen my fair share of burnt electronics.

If Apple does not cover it, if you have homeowners or renters insurance, they will most likely cover the damage at close to replacement value.

Here is a checklist of some questions you should have answers to, before contacting Apple or your insurance company.

Before the fire, did the power adapter or cords show any signs of excessive wear, bubbling, bunching or fraying? Was the power adapter unusually hot? Note that Power Adapters can get pretty hot (up to 41 C) and still be running normally.

Was the power supply plugged into s surge protector or UPS at the time?

Have you checked your outlets to make sure that the polarity isn't reversed, that there isn't an open ground, open neutral or a short somewhere on the circuit it was plugged in to?

Have you attempted to boot the computer?

Before you do, I would suggest removing the battery and taking a multimeter to it to ensure it is functioning within proper limits. Then try to boot the MBP.
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