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OK - I hope what I did doesn't make you nod your head in "man - what a dope" mode:-)...

1. Already had done an uninstall of printer
2. Downloaded (but didn't install) both the items you suggested
3. Since I had already successfully uninstalled printer, I didn't install the newly downloaded driver at that point - but instead did a complete re-install using the CD that came w/ my printer. I intended to update teh new driver after successfully doing that.
4. I just went to install the new driver after a successful install using the HP CD that came with my seems to be wanting to install the printer (not just a driver?) all over again. Is that what I want to do?????

....Or, should I have NOT used the CD that came with my printer when installing but instead used the downloaded driver (which is the updated installation software????). And after that - only then install the Firmware?

This obviously is not my area of expertise so bare with me if I am making really clueless moves:-)

I'm going to hold off doing anything until you reply - as in,
- hold off installing the newly downloaded driver
-hold off installing the firmware
-hold off uninstalling the printer again and then re-installing using the new downloaded install software - then install the downloaded firmware (until you say this is or isn't what I need to do).

Sitting in no print/no next move limbo awaiting your input:-)
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