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Hi all,

I have a Buffalo 300GB external hdd and it has been working fine on my imac, via USB, for the last year and a half but now it will not appear on my mac (before my imac I was using it on a Windows XP laptop).

I tried it on my friend's Vista laptop and it worked fine, no errors, but still it won't appear on the mac.

Changed cables and ports.
Unplugged everything to mac (including power cable).
Does not appear in Disk Utility, even through the boot disc.
Does not appear when typing 'df' in Terminal.
Have looked in System Profiler but not really sure what I am looking for there.

I am running Leopard 10.5.7 and it recently updated for iDVD and something else.

My other Lacie external hdd works fine and that is even older.

The hdd turns on, spins, makes all the usual sounds and flashes but then just spins waiting to be read by the mac. If I put the mac in standby and turn the hdd on or off it awakens the mac.

Please please help.


p.s. have used the search function on here but could not find a solution, but it is how I knew to check Disk Utility and Terminal.
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