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I bought an Ibook G4 12" back in may 2004 and I always used it with dial up (yes dial up), so a few weeks ago I decided to take it school and use the wireless internet from school. I realized that my ibook never came with the airport installed so I will have to buy it separatedly.

Now this is my problem/question, I went over the Apple store and asked the sales person if I needed an airport to connect from school, and he said I not only needed an airport but I also needed to install an "internet card" inside my ibook which could only be installed from an internet provider such as AT&T.
But if I use the internet from school I don't need I plan cause I pay for it in my tuition so I don't wanna waste money on a plan.

Was this person right about the internet card?

Please someone clarify this for me.

Thank you sooo much

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