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Help! I started to install Bootcamp and then followed with my DVD of Windows XP Pro but then it reminded me that my XP Pro was an upgrade and I needed to put in an original WIndows disk Windows 2000, Millenium, 98 or 95. Problem is I can't eject the original Windows disk and there is no eject button on Macs as there is on PCs. Shutting down doesn't help - it just starts up again trying to install WIndows XP. I've tried holding down various keys to force it to start on OSX without any luck. It's a MacMini 1.83Ghz with a new 320Gb drive and 2Gb RAM. It's still open with the cover off after I changed the HDD and added more RAM but looking at the DVD I can see no physical way of ejecting the disk. ANy bright ideas? WHat I should have done was start with WIndows Millenium and then added the XP Upgrade but at the moment I am stuck. If I could get it to boot up in OSX then I could see the foreign disk and eject it.

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