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So, I got my new 17Ē PB a couple of days ago, and after spending much time with it, I thought Iíd post my impressions as someone who is completely new to Mac. I switched from an old PIII VAIO notebook running Win2k.

Here are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

The Good:

- This machine is amazing. Iíve heard that sometimes Macs run loud and hot, but my PB produced a barely noticeable sound. In fact, itís so quiet that I have to lean my ear down to the machine just to hear the fan and hard disk to their thing. The machine does get warm, but nothing like my old VAIO laptop, which ran like a jet engine.
- Itís fast! Iíve got about 8 different apps running right now, and not even a stutter.
- OS X. This is the real reason I switched. Itís easy to use and powerful. I love the customizability. Just interfacing with this computer is a pleasure.
- Expose. Iím using the ďhot cornersĒ feature, and itís a real treat to use for switching.
- The backlit keyboard. This is a little thing, but itís really useful.
- Battery life is impressive. I got about 3.5 hours yesterday during light use (safari, iTunes, keyboard light, Adium).
- Everything does indeed just ďworkĒ. Iíve connected to all manner of networks in the last two days, all with no headaches. Click and go, even on PC networks. That alone justified the purchase price.
- Safari. Itís been fast, and I love the UI.
- iTunes. It imported all my music, no problem.
- The switching process. I did it over a wireless network. Quick and easy import of my bookmarks and all my documents.
- The display is so easy on the eyes. I feel like Apple did a lot of research into ergonomics. My eyes are never strained looking at this screen.
- The 17Ē PB is NOT too big. I was worried about this. Itís thin and light for its size, and easy to use on my lap as I am right now.
- Drag and drop installation of software is great.
- Sleep and wake happen quickly and without incident.
- Apple customer service. I ordered it on Feb. 9, and was constantly emailed throughout the process. I never had to wonder about what the status was.

The Bad:

- I use the trackpad to click. When I do, the pointer occasionally moves a lot, sometimes to the point where it even ends up selecting the option above or below the one I want. I think I just need to get used to it.
- Iíve got the mouse pointer speed maxed out, and I wish I could get more acceleration and speed.
- Firefox is not stellar for me, itís a little jumpy and sometimes slow.
- Adium (I know itís a third party app) doesnít always work that well. Iíll change preferences and nothing will change. Or, it will not automatically connect upon launch even though that option is checked. It will connect automatically waking from sleep, but only sometimes.

The Ugly:

- The way my old VAIO looks and sounds now that Iíve been spoiled, even for just two days.
- The fact that I waited until now to switch.

If you canít tell, Iím thrilled with my purchase. If thereís anyone who isnít sure if they want to switch, I think you wonít be disappointed if you took the leap. Sorry to gush! It was worth every penny, I look forward to years of enjoyment on this baby!

Thanks again to those on the forum who answered a couple of questions Iíve had, whether I got them from posting or lurking.
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