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Hope someone know what is going on here:

- I bought a Mac book recently and have wireless connection (Airport Express)

- Installed an HP C4580 Photosmart printer (and set up to print wirelessly). At first it wouldn't print (got error " no connection to printer made" or something like that), but found a workaround on this forum: It said to Open System preferences, right click (or hold down with two fingers) over Printer icon, then "reset" printer. Once HP printer selected on left disappears, hit the "+" (add) button and select the printer again. If it asks if I want to "reset?" click "yes". I did this and it worked.

-Yesterday my printer ran out of ink and I replaced the cartridges. Both test pages (for printer and scanner) printed without a problem (so know the printer itself is working fine). However, I am unable to print from my Macbook now. I don't even get an error. When I open up the printer job dialog box it shows my file in there, says it is printing or in progress....or 100% completed....but my printer didn't do anything.

-I figured somehow my printer went offline - and stayed offline when I changed the cartridges yesterday - but I can't figure out how to get it back on.

To date I have:
-Googled this issue but found nothing helpful regarding "won't print after cartridge install" etc.
- Tried what I did the first time I had trouble and was getting that error. No luck - and in fact, if I delete the printer, and go to add again, no printer shows up in the add box.
- I tried reinstalling the printer. no luck
-WHen I reinstalled the printer, it doesn't install over the last one, but adds a second (with same name) under printers.
- Totally frustrated. Anyone know what is going on/how to solve?

Thanks so much for any info!
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