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You asked "how much time would you suggest me to back-up". If you mean by that how long does it take to backup the drives, it could take a while for the first backup since all the drives you need backed up have to be transfered. If you mean "how far back should you have backups?" then you have to know that TM does incremental backups. That means after the first entire backup of the drives it only backs up what changes. If you add or change a lot of files on a regular basis you need more space to be able to recover from months back. TM keeps each hour for 24 hours, daily for a month , weekly for a month, and weekly before that.

I currently have 250HD on iMac, and a 320 external HD that i backup. they only have 400M used, i have 2 HD i use for TM that i switch between every week or so. I lost a drive many years ago, so i like to have one backup offline at all times. One is a 500mb and the other is a 750mb. I am thinking of buying a 1tb raid to replace them, so I won't have to switch.
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