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<Opensource rant>

If you're patient and haven't yet learned photoshop try messin with the gimp. After messin with it for a bit and goin through about 5 tutorials at I can do some pretty cool stuff, but you have to have either Apples X11 or a third party X11 installed... and its pretty out of sync with the HIG but thats ok with me. Theres also inkscape but thats harder again..., anyway thing is both Gimp and Inkscape are great for making web graphics though the learning curves steep and not worth it if you already know photoshop/fireworks (tho there are a few similarities). Oh and for 3d logo design I've fallen in love with blender, a really nice but hard to use opensource 3d production suite. Its extremely hard at the start and i think i gave up 3 times before succesfully completing a tutorial but once the first bits learned its all downhill, and you notice all kinds of neat things about it.

</Opensource rant>

links (apple info pages coz their fast)
beginner info:

inkscape (kinda tricky to install):

starter tutorials:
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