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I do keep regular PC backups but I infrequently sync my iPhone, and that's what is biting me now. Believe me, I didn't wipe my computer for fun. And I wasn't prepared for it. Oh these are the joys of Windows. I was preparing to downgrade my PC from Vista to XP (actually install XP fresh on a new disk), but then the Vista drive died on me, just a day too soon.

Pretending the drive hadn't died: when I download apps directly on the iPhone, iTunes accepts these new apps into the iTunes backup and plays nice. This is what I want to achieve now, too.

I fail to understand why it won't work, since my iPhone is clearly mine and I'm signed into the app store on it using my Apple ID; and my iTunes on Windows is also logged into the app store using the same Apple ID; shouldn't this be enough verification for iTunes that I'm not stealing apps off of a pal's device? Why won't iTunes accept the iPhone apps just as it used to do?
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