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Originally Posted by Desolate One
Well you have to figure the machine isn't a solid hunk of material. And then you have to ask yourself how much pressure did I apply, and in how small of an area. I'm sure you've seen those blokes they lie down on a bed of nails. Well with thier weight evenly distributed out it's creates less force then if they were to step on the bed (foot having less surface area then your entire backside). Hence the idea of snow shoes, snow tires (being thinner thus less prone to ride "on" the snow), and cab-forward designing in automobiles- a little off the mark but also regarding weight distribution.

So yah, it's a huge piece of crap and I'll be more then happy to take it off your hands.
Lol, now I wished I had never read this thread. Now I have a feeling that I will be tempted at times to press down to see how much pressure it can take before it breaks. I must forget I ever read this thread soon, lol.
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