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I have had to reinstall my OS, and after installing iTunes again and wanting to sync my iPhone, iTunes says it is going to wipe the iPhone and install only what's in my iTunes. But some apps are downloaded and installed directly from the iPhone, so they are not in iTunes. Even if I download them into iTunes, iTunes will still wipe my iPhone and reinstall the apps -- but I lose my apps' data!
--> How do I avoid losing my apps' data but still being able to sync to iTunes?

Please note: I don't care if I lose music/video on the iPhone. I *do* care about the app data.
  • I called Apple Support; they said it's not an iPhone question but an iTunes question and I must post the question at
  • I wrote to Apple and got a reply about how to manage my music manually (using the checkbox). That wasn't my question, but they seem to not have read it anyway.
  • Now I'm posting here instead, confident that you are better able to answer my question. Thanks for your time!
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