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Hi, this is my first post but since I switched recently I've been lurking for advice for a little while!!

Basically, I have an ipod that was previously used with a windows laptop. I plugged it into my new macbook, forgetting that I would have to format it for OS X (right?). It said there was a software update, which I downloaded and installed and since then the ipod just displays the apple logo and lights up and goes dark at various intervals. Now neither the macbook or the laptop recognises that it is plugged in at all.

Any idea what I've done or what I can do about it? I'd really really like to avoid formatting because I've used the ipod as a small hard drive for transferring pictures and stuff about. But if neither computer recognises the ipod I guess i don't even have the option to format it. I don't know.... any advice is SO welcome. Thanks!!
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