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Originally Posted by kzef

I'm just a beginner at web design, and have learnt some HTML basics. Now I just want to have a little play on some WYSIWYG programs, has anyone got any recommendations for a good free one?? and one that I can pay for??

All the programs recommended so far are good. I think that a lot depends on what you are trying to achieve or learn. When you say 'web design', do you mean the front end graphics and creative design? Or do you mean the coding/development? Or all of those things.

Dreamweaver is available as a 30 day trial (fully functional) and so is GoLive (I think). They are the only true WYSIWYG packages that code HTML at the same time, so you can see what you are doing - which is essential if you want to carry this on in any professional way. Otherwise, Freeway is also WYSIWYG, but (from what I understand) it tends to generate the site afterwards, based on your graphic layout.
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