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Originally Posted by Ramben
help i bought a apple ti15" everything is fine but o got some smaller problems.
but at first. how can i use my printer? i know, i wil have to buy lot of new equipment, but cant i use my old HP printer?? its a 940c, its not really old, but he has only a LP1 serial cable and no usb, so now? ho do i get it on my powerbook, it has no lp1. so now, what are there for solutions?`or are there usual wirless lan stations with a LP1 port? in this days i will buy i wireless lan card for the pc and wil lhave o get a wireless router, so perhaps are there some cheep solutions with W.routers with an LP1 port?
there are several "print servers" that you can buy for netgear, linksys, etc. (recommend netgear). some are wifi and some are eth, take your pick. i think they run about $50 or so, haven't checked in a couple months. another solution that takes a little work is if you have another computer (an older windoz box) on a home network, hook up the printer to that and share it over the network. i'm working on using this solution with my own printer, a BJC2000.

(added 11SEP2003) just remembered, some printers manufacturers carry lpt to usb adapters, i hear that they are expensive though...

wish you luck
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