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About 30 minutes ago, I was working on my iBook and accidentally pressed down on it with my elbow (I was sort of inadvertantly leaning on it). So out of seemingly nowhere the computer freezes, and the cursor turns into a spinning beach ball. At the time, I was in Photoshop finishing a drawing I had spent all day working on. At first, it was only Photoshop that was frozen, so I clicked on the desktop and was in Finder which wasn't frozen, and pressed F11 (my shortcut) to take a snapshot of the screen (because I hadn't saved the drawing in like an hour). That was when the whole computer just froze up. So I had no Idea if the snapshot saved, but it didn't matter. After about ten minutes of saying to myself "no. no. no. no…" I shut it down with the power button and booted to my iPod (which has Mac OS X installed on it). And sure enough when it was done booting up, the iBook's hard drive wasn't on the desktop. It also didn't show up in Disk Utility, Techtool Pro, or in the Startup disk list. When the computer first starts up, I can hear the hard drive making a weird clicking noise. I figure I am at a fork in the road. Turning left means I cam completely screwed. Turning right means I call Apple tech support and the guy tells me to restart and type in command-option-i-h-m-f-l-whatever, and it fixes it. Any suggestions?
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