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Originally Posted by BONE
I have a g4 17inch 1ghz laptop that seems to be telling me lies if i do a comman i to get info on the hard drive it tells me that i only have 9.02 gb available of the 55.88 gb capacity though if i open the hard drive folder the contents including 9.02 free space only account for about 30 gig so ive lost about 25 gig that i cant find ive binned 3000 photo's anything that wasnt important, run nortons disk doctor optimized the disk and still no joy

has anyone got any suggestions neye:
found this on another forum

The problem is how iShock software interacts with 10.3.8. iShock is looking for the controller, and if it is not plugged in it continually generates an error message that eventually builds up to huge GB. There are two solves: either keep your game controller plugged in at all times, or delete iSchock. Then in your GO menu, select Go To Folder and type in /var/log. you will see the offending file system.log. delete it, resart, make sure to empty trash again.
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