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Originally Posted by Eleven
Whatever you like, own or afford is a reflection of what/who you are.

As much as I agree the stuff you own doesn't define you as a person the person you are defines the choices you make.

And the better person you are the better choices you make.
No. What you own or afford is a reflection of what you buy. If you are buying things to present an image to the outside world then I'm thinkiing you might have a bit of a complex. The "I own a Mac or a BMW or a Rolex" so I'm better than you thinking is pretty ****ed silly if you ask me. I buy things I want and will use and pretty much care less what everyone else feels about it.

If someone looks at my Mac and tells me I'm stupid for buying it then I'd think that the person is jumping on some sort of bandwagon to get an emotional charge and make himself feel better. Hey, good for him, but I'm not going to want to spend time around someone so shallow.
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