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I'm trying to see if I can setup my computer in a certain manner so that I can run OS 10.5.6 on one hard drive and have the capability to reboot my computer from another hard drive that is running system 9.2.2.

Here's my basic setup: I have a duel processor G4 MDD (2 x 1Ghz) with an 80gb ATA drive set as the master w/slave, with system 10.5.6 running on it. I have a second ATA drive set as the slave that I want to install system 9.2.2 on and be able to boot back and forth between hard drives. Is this possible?

I've been trying to install system 9 on the second drive but have been unsuccessful so far with messages that say I can't run this system on my machine. I first tried to install before the second drive was formatted at all (fresh out of the box from OWC). Then I formatted it while running 10.5.6 as a single partition with OS 9 drivers and still could not get it to show up after booting from my system 9 disks.

Any help, advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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