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I might have to install Boot Camp soon n am slightly concerned. I have read the above which has been interesting but if anyone can offer additonal advice I would appreciate it.

I am not overwhelmingly computer literate - the words 'download' n 'install' can unsettle me, alongwith 'primary partition' etc. I have Mac OS X 10.4.11 I only need to have Boot Camp to read one programme - there is no Mac version at the moment but will be later in the year. Once installed is Boot Camp easy to uninstall? Do you just switch it off and on? And is it easy/straightforward to install anyway?

I've been warned off using any kind of Windows system on my Mac, as have been told it could mess up my system, but have no choice. Would I be foolish to attempt to install/run Boot Camp?

Any info appreciated - thanks ;o)

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