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Thanks for your suggestions. I'm looking into the TWAIN-SANE interface that apparently makes it possible to use a whole host of scanners with OS X despite lack of support from their manufacturers. It's a totally geeky solution and the documents are all in Unix-ese -- something I find annoying.

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Ya know, Mac is famous for having things "just work" -- which is true in a vast number of cases but scanning is one of those instances where the opposite is true. It's one of those things that "just don't work" unless you can find a group of fiendishly dedicated people who've cobbled together a work-around. If you have a facility with Unix command-line stuff, that's fine and maybe your problems will be solved. If you're an end user with no recourse to a geek, you're S.O.L. In my case, I came to Unix late and use it infrequently so I'm sunk if some part of the sparse instructions fails and I can't find help to fix it. I hope that at some point Apple addresses the scanner issue with the thoroughness that they've applied to other parts of the OS.
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