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Same problem here. Have a brand new 2009 2.26 8 core mac pro. Mouse started acting up and does not work. Had both a wireless mac keyboard and wireless mighty mouse. Usb keyboard works, but usb mighty mouse does not work when plugged into the computer. However, I finally found a solution, though it is temporary. If I plug my Usb mouse into the usb port on the keyboard, it works. It seems really weird that the usb mouse will not work when plugged directly into the computer, but will work when plugged into the usb keyboard which is then plugged into the computer. Also, when looking at the system information, there is no information on bluetooth, and it does not work, or show up, anywhere. It seems that there is a problem in the OS (still very rare) that is messing up the bluetooth and mouse. All other items plugged in by usb are fine, it's just bluetooth and any mouse that seems to have problems. Good luck, usually Mac is pretty good at fixing things like this and getting an update out.
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