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I want to purchase a keyboard for my new iMac. I am very unsatisfied with the current Apple and other manufacturers design of placing the F-Keys in one contiguous line directly above the number keys. I use F-Keys with QuicKeys constantly, and I find their location by touch. The separation above the other keys, as well as being in groups in 4, is critical to my learned neurological touch/response. I've given it two months, an it just isn't working.

I had a Matias. It was great. I spilled juice on it and it croaked. They've stopped making them. Harrumph!

Logitech came out with two new Mac keyboards. They placed the F-Keys "correctly" in one (without a number pad), and "wrong" in the other. They are both Bluetooth.

Then we have the iMac Bluetooth issue. In a nutshell, the new iMac has trouble staying connected to a keyboard. There is no fix and Apple isn't talking. I've tried 3 keyboards, and gave up. Please don't elaborate on this here -- there are other posts for that.

I'm about at my wits end. I have scoured the internet, and seem to be stuck.

I am looking for a wired keyboard that has the F-Keys in their "rightful place" (separated above the number keys, and delineated in groups), has a full compliment (F1-F15), and has keys that are or can be QuicKeyed (can I use that as that a verb?) to adjust the volume.

A Windows keyboard with the right compliment of keys would be fine. I've found a few from some Chinese manufacturers (Mac Keyboard China Manufacturers) but not sure about their reliability or availability.

I would rather not have the touted, but noisy, mechanical keys, as my desk sits on the opposite side of a wall to my bedroom. If one of us is on the keyboard, it could disturb domestic tranquility!

Any suggestions?

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