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I have an Imac G5, bought in Dec 2004. 1.8 GHZ, 1 GB memory.

Just before the 3 year warranty ran out in 2007, it started cutting out. I would use the computer and after a shortish amount of time it would just suddenly die. Black-out, no power etc, and I'd have to turn it back on.

I phoned Apple and they said it was the power supply socket on the back of the computer, which needed replacing. I was dubious, it sounded more like an internal computer prob to me, but off it went for a repair-return.

When it came back, it seemed to be better. But I didn't use it very much, just mainly for ipod updating, letter writing etc. I use my Mac Book Pro on a daily basis.

When my Mac Book Pro went in for a repair, a couple of months ago, I used the G5 for more lengthy periods and noticed it was happening again.

I've phoned Apple and they say they now think it is the logic board that needs replacing and I have to take it to an Apple store myself as it is out of warranty!

Has anyone else had this problem - the computer cutting out suddenly? There is no Apple store near me, and I am loathe to pay for an expensive repair which would go towards a new computer - although I am reluctant to buy another Apple after this.

I feel really Mad that I paid over £1600 and have been swizzed by the so-called warranty system. I kind of feel they saw there was only a month left on the warranty and did a crap "repair"...
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