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I recently acquired a Belkin 'Switch2 for Mac mini' KVM and am unhappy with it. Have any other Forum members used this thing?

I used it to run the mini and a PC:the mini would not reboot past the initial grey screen and the PC would complete its booting but would flash off, pause blank, flash back for 2-3-17 seconds and blank, over and over again. Returned it and got a replacement which boots the Mac now ...and the PC carries on flashing and blanking. It will do so whether the Mac is connected or not. On different resolutions and different screens.

All Web references to the Switch2 are guardedly (it's cheapish, after all) glowing and no complaints in the forums are evident. Puzzling.

I am about to return this one for a refund unless someone can tell me of a way to stop this behaviour.

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