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As does installation.

And this is as far as we get every time. I've come to hate this screen and can probably recite the 'Regional and Language Options' from memory. Regardless of installation disk, format type, time of day, weather, ambient lighting, and my mood at the time of installation this is as far as I've ever gotten. The progress bar for 'Installing Devices' completes, disk stops spinning, and the setup stops. Mouse pointer is still moveable. After hours of angry pacing and hoping I eventually hard restart back in to OS X.

There are some Windows files living in the new partition when viewed from OS X, but installation never completes, and if you try to boot in to windows it takes you right back to the installation screens again.

My apologies again for the 13 pictures. Insert something about them being worth a thousand words here.

Thank you in advance to anyone able to help or point me in the right direction.
[Searching forum settings for a 'Spoiler' type option to shove all these images in]
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