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my sister dropped my ipod touch from a considerable height. The black wifi thingie on the back has popped off, but the screen seems ok. I say 'seems' because after she turned it on it is displaying the message "ipod is disabled connect to itunes"

I did NOT have a password set on my ipod touch. Even if I did,i cannot enter anything on the ipod as there is nothing on the screen except the ipod disables message


When i connect it to my mac & open itunes i get a msg saying itunes could not connect to the ipod as it is locked & I must enter a passcode.Also the ipod is not showing up in my itunes sidebar nor in the finder sidebar


I tried resetting it:No result
Also tried this:connected ipod to my mac, turned on itunes. press & hold the power + menu button until the screen goes off, then release the power button while still holding the menu button. after about a minute the itunes said it could not recognize the ipod [error 2001,itunes 8.1]. I read that this is supposed to restore my ipod but to no avail.

I am at home for another week & do not have an Apple store in my town. Pls help am I supposed to endure my return journey without my
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