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Hello all,

I have a WD Passport Studio 500 GB that I'm using to backup my MBP 17" when i'm on the road. I created two partitions on the Passport - the first is a bootable partition (created using SuperDuper!). However, I'm only able to boot from its USB port. When I try the 1394b (Firewood-800) port, it is not being recognized as a bootable disk, even though it mounts and functions properly as a firewire device when my system is booted up by its internal drive.

I check the Western Digital web site for drivers I may be missing, but it appears all the drivers there are also included with the installation CD. And I know that will MBP will boot via firewire because I created a similar partition on the hard drive I'm using for Time Machine (a 1TB G-drive Q) - it is recognized and boots fine via firewire.

Is there anything I can do that will allow the Passport to boot with firewire (again it does boot via USB, so I know the clone is good)?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!!
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