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A couple of weeks ago my iPod quit syncing with my PC. Got all kinds of errors, have spent HOURS troubleshooting on 3 machines and Apple gave me a brand new iPod as it was still in warranty, and said if it did it on more than one machine it had to be the iPod. Well..........the new one is doing the same thing. Went through EVERYTHING you can think of (from deleting audio files which might have been causing the problem to reformatting and restoring dozens of time to converting to different format, etc. etc. ETC!) even though now now a newly reformatted PC and did not import old files or playlists from backup HDD.

I have an appointment to take the new iPod back to the Apple store, but surely 2 bad 160G iPod Classics???????????????

Is anyone else having a problem? Can you tell me if it's normal for the iPod to show an NTFS format changing to a FAT32 after connecting? I have not found any info on that in researching online. Windows XP is supposed to run only NTFS, so that COULD be the main problem!

The other big question is.......I read something about buffer overload, but it was in some posts and couldn't find any credible postings or help on Apple or other sites. Does anyone know about this? It could be that this all started after I downloaded a large amount of data..............BUT ON newly reformatted XP and restored iPod, shouldn't be a problem.

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