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Originally Posted by EvilNygma View Post
Don't you bet on that.

I've had my 32gb iTouch for approx 1 year. At first it was excellent using wireless and I used to be a regular on the Youtube.

Over the last 3 to 4 months it has become more and more unstable with the wireless connection. I have not changed any settings on my wireless router. I'm the same distance I used to be from the router.

The wireless signal meter seems to go up and down without any reason why. I can browse the web using safari with the signal meter showing 1 bar or 2 bars. When it hits 3 bars it locks the connection and the itouch for quite a while... minutes sometimes.

When I eventually exit I hear an audible click through the headphones and the mute/unmute symbol appears for a split second...

Then everything is back to normal again.
Have you checked to assure that you are still connected to YOUR router? Sometimes when I'm at the mall using it (I work there), it will first connect to a different wi-fi then the one I normally use.
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