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Hi All,

We are planing to support video chat on an embedded device. We have choosen iChat for the same. The requirement is to support video chat between any two embedded device and between an embedded device and PC.

Now i have some doubts..

1) Is it feasible to support iChat video chat on an embeded device having a 300MHZ RISC CPU & a H264 AVC decoder?

2) Is it possible to do iChat XMPP based video chat with a network cam supporting H264 & RTP?

3) What Video and Audio codec does iChat XMPP based implementation use?

2) Is there any detailled document explaining how the iChat video chat works based on XMPP protocol. I would like to know the underlying protocols used. I read in an article that iChat uses XMPP extensions and RTP/RTCP to support video chat, VOIP, IM. Is my understanding correct.

3) Can you please refer me to some specs/tutorials that we will have to read inorder to code a client that would support iChat Video chat based on XMPP.

3) Is there any open source client supporting iChat video chat and IM functionality based on XMPP?

4) Is there any licensing problem?

Many Thanks,
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