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I do have root access. Moving all the files is a last resort. Since it's just a broken password, I still have hope that there's a way to fix it and get back to normal.

Also I'd probably want to move the files twice to get the same short username. Though I guess it is possible to change the short username: 1 2

Or ... once I check that my Time Machine backups are OK and complete, I could delete the original account, create a new account with the original username, and then restore it from the backup. This seems safer than moving files around to accounts with different usernames, right? I.e. fewer lost settings, etc.


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OK, understand. Try this:

Log on using the ROOT account: Link

While logged on as ROOT you'll have access to everything. (all accounts) Copy (don't use move) whatever you need from the account(s) which you can no longer access over to the new Admin account you created.

Log off and log on to the new Admin account. Verify that you can access all your data, programs, files, etc using this account. If everything is OK, log off and log back on as ROOT. Remove the account(s) you no longer need. Log off and log back on to the Admin account.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal. (Keep fingers crossed.)

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