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I have seen this question asked in several different ways, but have never seen it truly resolved. Sometime during every session, when I move the cursor over a hot link nothing happens (it should change to a hand), when I click on a menu item, the sub menus do not highlight when I mouse over them, the dock will not pull up when I go to its hot area unless I click, and my sleep hot corner will not activate. The mouse obviously still moves, I can still click with both buttons, and the scroll wheel still functions *using a Microsoft mouse.)

I have tried unplugged the mouse.
I have tried using another mouse.
I have tried rebooting.
I have run Disk Utility.
I have run Disk Warrior.
I have Archived and Installed.


I wish I could go back to 10.4.6 (at this point, I'm starting to miss System 7!), but I have some apps that require 10.4.9. I would've upgraded to 10.5, but I see that some users are having this issue on that system as well, so I'm not inspired to take that leap quite yet. I hope someone can help!

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