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Originally Posted by BlueMac View Post
Hi, I know this is really off topic.... but my sister is going through panic and anxiety right now, and i hate seeing her like this. I wanted to know if anyone here (or anyone who knows someone who did) has ever had this. I want to know if you had any tips on getting over it.... things that can get her mind off of her own death. I'm very concerned, any greatly appreciate your help! Thanks!
Your post is in the Anything Goes folder, so, it's not off topic.

And yes, I have suffered for years from panic attacks. I eventually came across this book, "PSYCHOnutrition: how to control your moods with foods" by William Vayda.

The section on LIAS, ie, Lactate Induced Anxiety Syndrome, was very helpful for me, and it is bad-diet related. Here is a quote from the book;

"Joanna's impaired liver was not able to perform some of the key steps in the biochemical chain which breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. She produced instead, abnormal amounts of a form of lactic acid called lactate. This natural chemical is a known panico-genic, which means it is capable of causing anxiety, or panic, in susceptible individuals."

HOWEVER! I'm not a Doctor, at all, and this is simply an idea for you to consider. I'm with the other posters, go and see a Medical Professional ASAP. And all the best to you and your sister.

Cheers, Mike.
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