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EDIT: I agree with devilboy. For your uses, there's no need to spend $1200-$1500 on a computer. If you really want a Mac, get a Mini (the new one can do dual monitors as well). But if you're mostly running Windows, there's not much need for a Mac. You can pick up a $400 Dell or HP that will do anything you want.

Original post follows:
The 2.8 GHz one is better. In fact it's probably the best deal available from Apple right now. However, I'm not seeing it available as a refurb... however, it is available in the "clearance" section, meaning it's not an open-box unit but rather an unopened one that wasn't sold before the update. Either way, it's the same configuration but $1399 instead of $1199. And even then, it's better:

+ Faster processor (by only 133 MHz but still)
+ Better graphics (dedicated HD2600 Pro vs. integrated 9400M)
+ Cheaper (by only $100; $300 if you can get a refurb)
- 2 GB of RAM vs. 4 GB
- 640 GB HD vs. 320 GB

The slightly smaller RAM and hard drive numbers mean virtually nothing. You can easily upgrade the RAM yourself, and you can get an external hard drive if you need more space. It's really the graphics card (which can't be upgraded at all) that makes the older one that much better.
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