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I am looking at purchasing a new desktop computer. Still have not gone 100% with the imac over the pc.

I see the 2.8 24" Imac refurbished is $1200 or I can get the 2.6 24" new Imac for $1500.

I would like some help determining for my needs which one is a better buy.

I plan on using the computer for standard needs(web surfing, itunes,etc) and would also like to add a second 24" monitor. I will need to run a windows operating system I guess with parallels for my online poker. Some of the software needs windows to run.

So my plan is to have dual monitors, one running the windows with all of my poker windows(4-8windows + poker tracker program) and the other monitor to be used for web surfing, watching videos or movies,photoshop,etc at the same time. I need it to run smoothly where there is no lag or freezing up.

Just want to make sure I dont pick up the wrong computer. Thanks again for the help.
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