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Originally Posted by Macman
yea, the dual 2.5 is liquid cooled, no fans.
Even a liquid cooled computer needs does the dual 2.5GHz G5.
How do you think the liquid would be cooled otherwise?!

It's similar to a closed car cooling system:
The CPU is like the motor block (except that the liquid doesn't run through it, of course!), and the liquid is driven by a pump, getting warm by the CPU, going to a radiator were it get's cooled and then to the CPU again.
In a car, the radiator get's cooled by the air running through it while driving, or by a fan when the car is not driving, but the engine's running. Mostly the car's fan only runs after the liquid atains a certain temperature...
Anyway, as the G5 usually is standing still and not running around, it needs fans for the airflow through the radiator, to cool down the liquid.
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