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Yeah, I bought my iPhone 3G about two months ago and I'll just start by saying that overall I'm extremely happy. However, when I came across the text message sounds I found out that all 5 or 6 of them are extremely lame and boring. So I thought to myself, "not a problem, I have an iPhone, there HAS TO BE AN APP FOR THAT"!

Nothing. You can't even choose from another set of sounds elsewhere on the phone. You just have to choose from the annoying horn or the glass tapping uhhh...thing?

Anyone else feel like being able to alter your text message sound should be something you could do on a free phone? I bought this phone under the impression that the majority of things on it are completely customizable to your liking, but I guess not.

I couldn't find a rants and raves forum for iPhone, so here I am.
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