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Harryb: After getting the local gendarme to allow my car being parked in the public library lot and permission to stay in the locked building to use their DSL, I finally got a chance to do the upgrade from 10.5.2. Mind you, I have been hounded by the Apple auto-dialer to upgrade other features also, amounting to about 24 hrs of hanging on the phone, so I limited myself to just this upgrade.

On trying to download it to my computer (it's a 30 mile round-trip to the library) I am told that my version "does not qualify for this particular update" to OS 10.5.6.

Since my 90-day grace period has run out during which I never needed any tech help, I am now forced to settle for a less than perfect OS since the upgrade intro grandly states that its purpose is the repair of certain instabilities in the previous issue of the OS. In other words, they discovered a tiny puncture in the tire but refuse me to plug it.

Bill Gates seems to be saying - after 22 years of using his Windows - "I told you so."

Any back doors in San Francisco where I can inquire just WHAT I am "qualified" for? It's only 560 miles from me....
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