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Hey everyone, sorry to be a bother and what not but I'm in great need of help.
I own a recently purchased Macbook Pro (slow transition from PC all my life and loving it btw) and have now encountered my first problem with it.

Mind you its not the machine one bit, it is the user, me. so yes.. I am a noob and you will know why after you read this.

Here is a quick recap of what happened :

- I forgot my password to install applications is the main reason this all happened.

- Unable to locate the password in the key chain, I was told if you put the OSX install disc in and started re-installing it would prompt you to change it - but you wouldn't actually have to go through the entire install. Archive and install was selected If I can recall But I'm not 100% positive. its been over 10 hours this has happened and very frustrated with myself.

- I began to do this. For some reason I looked more into this AFTER i started and found out that you could change it on the top desktop bar. So I stopped the installation.

- So after that, and a reboot, the install disc continues to come up. again and again. So now I'm thinking everything is gone. Still not to sure if it is or isn't yet. I go into the utilities area and am able to find a folder of previous users and everything I had on my lap top in there. So a little glimmer of hope came through again, thinking all my stuff was still on here somewhere.

So my question is:
Is there a way to start my lap top up from that original user again? is there a process? is it even possible? is everything lost completely even though it still has an archive of everything I had but lost because I canceled prematurely?

Please help. I'm afraid to actually let it fully install again in result of loosing everything for real this time. I usually am good with backing up but in the last 3 months have failed to do so and now I suffer.

ANY answer, good or bad, will help. Again, thanks for the bother and thanks in advance to anyone who can shine some light on to this.
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