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I am about to buy my 1st mac and have been lurking here for a few weeks. I decided upon a 2.5 as, from what I can see, there doesn’t look to be an upgrade coming anytime soon, so I may as well by the best.

One thing that threw me though, and I am not too sure if I saw it at this board or not but there was a discussion re the dual 2GHz version being a better intro to mac given the issues over cooling on the 2.5 and the fans kicking in every time you move the mouse (practically).

Anyway my use at the moment will be mainly web/email/word/excel/pwrpoint > all college stuff. But once summer comes I’ll be back to 3D Design and Games.

I thought about adjusting the proc perf to ‘reduced’ during normal duties and back to ‘automatic’ during computationally intensive work. This, I hope would address the fan issue – I have a big problem with noise and I built my PC to specifically be quiet. What do you think?

I haven’t seen any benchmarks for the likes of Maya, is there any? Just wondering if there is much of a difference between the 2 and 2.5.

BTW are the 4 cooling zone independently managed/controlled?
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