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I have just gone through the process of setting up a wireless router for Virgin Media through trial and error.

First of all don't bother speaking to Virgin Media as you will get someone from a call centre in India telling you Virgin Media do not support Macs.

To set up use following process worked out through trial and error:

1. make sure everything switched off. Have a look under the wireless router it should tell you defalt login name and password. These are Name: Virgin Password: Password - you need these to access the router setup page.

2. unconnect existing ethernet connection from existing virgin media modem. Now connect wireless router ethernet cable into existing modem and re-connect the ethernet cable from your Mac that was connected into existing modem into one of the LAN ports in the wireless router.

3. switch on everything. Go the System Preferences on Mac and select Network. The wireless router IP address should now be shown - should be - copy and paste the router IP address into Safari (don't enter http:// or www. before the router IP address).
Press enter. You should now have a router sign in box appear.
enter the Name: Virgin and Password: Password to gain access to your router set up page. Go to Wireless page selected from the left hand page options.
Enter what you want to call you wireless router in the SSID - Fred for example. And then select your own individual password - this is what you will use to connect to your secure wireless network - at the bottom of the page. select apply to update the router set up. This is all you need to do. Log out.

Note: if you cannot see wireless router IP address in Network then you will have to access the router setup page by typing in the web address shown under the wireless router. think it is (writing this at work - so cannot fully remember what I did last night!!) follow same steps as above.

4. Now go back to Network in System Preferences on your Mac and use "network set up assistant" - this should now automatically set up you mac for the new wireless router. If it dosen't then try it a couple of times maybe use the "network diagnostic". It will work eventually.

5. You should now have internet access.

6. if logging on for the first time wirelessly you will need to enter the password you chose on the router wirless set up page.

7. if you ever want to change any wireless settings enter the router IP address in the web address and use virgin and password to access the set up page. I think you should be able to actually change these login names and password in the router set up page. But I would only do that if other people have access to your computer.

Hope this helps!

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