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Hey guys...was hoping to get some info on a mouse problem that I have been having. I am on an early 08' Mac Pro. Thanks in advance.

A couple of days ago, my mouse started acting up. It becomes unresponsive right after the computer has been sleeping. If I move the mouse, the cursor either stays where it is or jumps to another random spot on the screen. Basically, it is unusable. After a restart the problem goes away, but it has become more and more frequent. The mouse now drops out while I am in the middle of using it. Figuring that I had a problem with my mouse, I tested out two other mouses on the computer. I ran into the same problem. (I restarted before testing both times). I am beginning to think that I have an issue with my computer and not the mouse. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

Thanks a lot.
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