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Hello, I've read around on this forum alot in the past and decided to get a macbook a little over a year ago. I have a 3,1 Macbook (2GHz Intel C2D, upgraded to 2.5GB of RAM and 250gb harddrive).

I had everything running fine for over a year with no problems but I decided to reinstall everything just to clean out some stuff (yes I did use Onyx if anybody asks why didn't I just use something like that). When I reinstalled OS X I had some issues rendering website across many browsers (Firefox 3, Safari, Camino) with mainly Facebook but also a few others. I searched around some finding different things and trying them out. I updated to the newest version of Java (and also checked to make sure it was enabled in Firefox many times) and reinstalled Xcode. I also tried the Xcode tools from Apple's Developer Connection but none of these things worked.

So I reinstalled OS X from scratch again and it was rendering everything normally, then I let it install the updates and afterwards it didn't work again. That led me to believe it had to do with the software update somehow.

After that I reinstalled everything from scratch again and waited to install the updates. I choose to start with GarageBand Update (4.1.1) and AirPort Utility (5.3.2) thinking neither of those would really impact it. After doing this it did not render properly once again.

Finally I reinstalled again from scratch and this time again, it does not work before I have even installed any updates, so at the moment I am updating some things (Combined update at the moment) just to see if that makes any difference.

Has anyone else had a problem like this or know what might be causing it? I'm unsure whether this even has anything to do with Java or not either. I have googled and googled and haven't found any solution and the problem seems to be completely random.

Each time I installed, it was from scratch, meaning I choose to erase the harddrive and do a new installation (not upgrade) with the discs that come with the macbook. I attached a picture of what Facebook looked like incase you didn't understand what I meant by not rendering correctly. Everything else seems to work normally, just the "rendering" of some webpages. Hopefully this is just something little that I missed somewhere...


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