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I don't think the problem was fixed. The reason I'm looking at this thread is to try and trouble shoot a similar problem, and I'm using updated iMovie (8.0) and iDVD (7.0.3) apps. My problem is similar... The iMovie is saved in widescreen format, the iDVD project previews fine, in widescreen. When I burn the DVD and play it in my DVD player and view it on my 40" widescreen LCD TV, the DVD player crops the edges off. I had the same problems using iMovie HD with iDVD, and hoped the updated software would resolve the issue. Now I will go look at the topic suggested above Anamorphic widescreen in iDVD 5 to see what the manual fix is. This is a frustrating issue and you would think a fix (or options available when burning the disc) would be available... Funny, I'm a Mac fanatic and my brother commented "wow, that doesn't happen with my Windows Vista applications".
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