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It's all about personal preference when comes to questions like yours. Now I'll answer your questions as if I were in your shoe:
  1. Power Book, or iBook (more power more better for me, so a PB will do. Of course it depends how much I'm willing to spend)
  2. Screen Size (12" too small for me, 17" defeats the purpose of a laptop for me, so 15" is best suited for this situation)
  3. Does the iBook, or Power book have a docking station (since I'm a newbie, I don't know this answer <grin>)
  4. is MS office for apple a good product (well, its a M$ product, what else can I say? So far I like it, hasn't crashed on me yet hehe)
  5. Many new laptops have a very shiny mirror like screen. Are any apple screens like this? (I believe there were a posting regarding this under the "power book" heading and they mentioned something about X-brite. As far as ibook and PB, what you see is what you get.)
  6. Anything else helpful (read this forums for more info regarding personal experiences)
  7. Cheap ram works fine for me, anyone had issues with apples and cheap ram (errr you get what you pay for? <grin>)
  8. I can get a decent price on a 100gb laptopt HD at my job with my discount (Best Buy) Are hard drives easily upgradable in these things.(once again, I'm still a newbie and 80GB seems suffice for me for the time being, but I've read somewhere that others says its not hard but again, bringing it to an authorize apple dealer/seller is a better way to go)
Hope this helps and good luck!


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