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Hello all, I am in the market for an Apple Laptop. I am seriously considering the ibbok 12''. But wonder if the screen is too small, or just fine. I am a college student that will mostly instant message, email, type papers, write C++, and JAVA. I am wondering a few things.
  1. Power Book, or iBook
  2. Screen Size
  3. Does the iBook, or Power book have a docking station
  4. is MS office for apple a good product
  5. Many new laptops have a very shiny mirror like screen. Are any apple screens like this?
  6. Anything else helpful
  7. Cheap ram works fine for me, anyone had issues with apples and cheap ram
  8. I can get a decent price on a 100gb laptopt HD at my job with my discount (Best Buy) Are hard drives easily upgradable in these things.

Sorry for the questions, i know about all ther is to know about x86 hardware, but nothing about macs.
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