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Hi there. I have a brand new eco MacBook Pro (2.4GHz, 4GB RAM), and was using it fine this morning answering emails etc, then loaded safari and I heard crackling noises and shutdown the Mac. I then went to reboot and got no luck.

After resetting PRAM holding power, I got nothing but the Apple logo and spinning target sign.

I then booted with the install disk in and ran Disk Utility and "Verify" and after 4 hours of waiting it came back with "Invalid Directory Item Count" amongst other errors to do with Missing Thread Records etc.

FIRST AID FAILED... The following error was encountered
"Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed"

So I then booted in Target-Mode to get my docs etc using firewire on my other MacBook and that host can't see any attached Mac on the desktop.

Any idea what I can do next? I have a PC and an IDE to SATA cable.. Should I try and plug the HDD of my Mac into my PC as an additional drive? Or would that kill it?

I guess I'm willing to use a data recovery company, but they are ridiculously out of my price range! :-)

Thanks in advance,
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