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When I try to load back into OS X from windows the computer chimes, the grey screen appears, then the apple logo, then the rotating circle underneath the aplpe logo. It sits at the rotating circle stage for a few minutes then restarts again. If I leave it it will just keep sitting at the circle and rebooting.

The steps I have taken to try and fix this are:
1. Clear PRAM by holding CMD+OPT+P+R
2. Resetting the SMC by removing all peripherals, battery and AC adapter then holding the power button for five seconds.
3. Booting into safe mode to delete bootcache.kext - I can't boot into safe mode, when I hold shift after I hear the chime nothing happens differently, it just takes longer for the rotating circle to appear.

I recently installed MacDrive in Windows and deleted files in my OS X partition, these files were not system files, just a game I had downloaded.

Also, I can't boot from the OS X CD because I'm at school and like a dummy I forgot to bring it.

Any ideas?
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