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Hey guys, new to the forum
I upgraded my 2005 imac g5 (not isight) to 2 gb of avant technologies ddr RAM. Since then i have been working my computer very hard doing extensive audio and HDV video editing. The computer worked fine but would sometimes freeze up and become ungodly slow, audibly working hard. I would power it down, use it again a couple hrs later and it would be fine.

For a while i had a folder with a ? And a globe during startup, but everything still worked fine.

A couple days ago the computer would not start up. I've tried about 20 times and have received a "invalid memory access at %srro 0000" etc about 3 times. I returned the RAM yet the new RAM, same type, my computer still wont work. Did the RAM cause my computer to overheat and produce permanent damage? Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks in advance and sorry for ranting but im typing this all on my iphone
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